Women Leaders Candle Gift Box Set of 3 Candles
Women Leaders Candle Gift Box Set of 3 Candles

Women Leaders Candle Gift Box Set of 3 Candles

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Women and girls make up 4 billion people on this green and blue planet. They are change-makers, thought leaders, and trailblazers. We developed this candle box set to center their achievements and also allow you to share with family and friends.

Each candle features an amazing woman leader illustrated on the front of our 4oz nontoxic soy-based candles within a glass vessel. This gift set includes three 4 oz candles each with the following revolutionary women beautifully illustrated on the cover. 

 Included in each box: 

  • Frida Kalo: Lavender Oasis 4 oz soy candle
  • Wangari Maathai: Golden Vanilla 4 oz soy candle 
  • Malala Yousafzaiz: Aromatic Sandalwood 4 oz soy candle

Burning Instructions: 

  • Upon initially lighting the candle allow it to burn until the pool of wax melts to the edge. This allows an even burn when you go to light your candle again in the future. 
  • Each time you light the candle trim the wick. We recommend a wick that is 1/4''-1/2''. 
  • Do not allow anything to accumulate in the pool of wax including wick trimmings etc. 
  • Always place your candle on a heat-safe & resistant surface. 
  • Please always check the bottom of the candle for additional safety instructions. 


  • Glass Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.38
  • Lid Dimensions: 1.75 round
  • Label: 2 x 2


  • Product Materials: Non-Toxic
  • Production: Sustainably Sourced
  • Lead-Free Cotton Wick
  • Premium Fragrance & Essential Oils

Women Leaders Bio: 

Frida Kalo: Was an amazing Mexican painter and feminist. She survived childhood after contracting polio and getting into a brutal tram accident. She became a wildly popular painter in her adulthood known for her rivetting self-portraits. 

Wangari Maathai: Was born in 1940 in a small village in Kenya. She was always fond of the natural world. She eventually studied in the United States and became the first woman in Central and East Africa to earn a doctorate. She worked tirelessly to stop deforestation. She believed that everyone could make a difference by saving one tree at a time. 

Malala Yousafzaiz: Was born in Pakistan, she was named after a female hero who led a battle against the British. Soon the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan not far across the border where her family lived. Their rules meant girls could not go to school. Malala secretly continued going to school. Malala and her father spoke out against the Taliban. She received a national youth peace prize which angered the Taliban and was unfortunately shot. She eventually recovered and left Pakistan. She continues to advocate for the education of women and girls everywhere.