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About Us

About Baiyinah

Growing up Baiyinah learned all the secrets of owning a small business because she just happened to be the daughter of a small business owner. When she was young her parents traveled to far flung countries, to mystical and colorful souks, gathering incense, art and wares from the African Diaspora. They sipped Chinese green tea on the rooftops of Senegalese homes, and wandered around deserts watching beautiful turbaned men riding horses. They would come back home with tales and traditional wares from all over. This was ever so enchanting for her young mind and she began to dream of owning a business that sold traditional and handcrafted wares not only from international artisans but also from local artists and merchants. 

Baiyinah loved art and in her home town of Pittsburgh she often ran into local artists that sold wares artists who weren’t sure how to get the product in from of the right people. She thought, “If I ever start a business I would like to sell some of this amazing art.” We support small batch and handcrafted body products, we want our customers to have the highest quality products. Essential to our ethos is the love and support of vendors and artisans that have strong ethical, social, and environmental values.